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Custom Bracket Fabrication

Engineering Services

"The part your team fabbed fit like a glove! We are very happy!" — Josh M.

PSStech was commissioned to fabricate the bracket that holds the hydraulic jack hammer or chisel of a Chimney Demolition machine to the articulating arm. The Chimney Demolition machine sits on top of the chimney and dismantles it from the top down, outside in, using Spider Technology. From drawings to completed part, PSStech designed the part in Fusion 360® and machined the part on our 5-Axis CNC machine and CNC lathes.

This bracket measures approximately 24"x20"x8" and was machined from A-1018 an A-514 steel.

Custom Recloser Cable

Engineering Services

"The cable worked great! Thanks for the quick turn around time." — Bob C.

As part of our custom engineering and fabrication services, PSStech developed a generic 32-pin cable that could be used with distribution line reclosers. As part of this process, machined end bells from aluminum in order to meet the stringent requirements for a water tight seal on the Mil Spec connectors.

PSStech sourced the 32-conductor cable, manufactured the end bells, assembled and tested the cables using a PSStech proprietary test fixture. The commercial end bell is shown on the left and the PSStech designed and manufactured end bell is on the right.


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