The PSStech Open Phase Protection (OPP) system* is installed in 23 nuclear power plants, protecting 39 units. The PSStech OPP system is the leader in the industry in open phase protection.

Why Choose the PSStech System?

The PSStech implementation of open phase detection allows for a fail-safe and redundant detection design. This design includes neutral overcurrent protection, continuous monitoring of all major system components, and only requires monitoring of a change in signal level. This results in drastically reducing the engineering manhours needed.

The PSStech system combines active and passive protection, and is the preferred method over passive only protection. Due to the simple, minimally intrusive installation, this design requires minimal outage time and maintenance.

The PSStech OPP system incorporates a simple operator interface developed from field-proven technology. This system is the only field-proven system without blind spots for any type of open phase condition, with or without a ground fault of any impedance.